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Technological Innovation

Continually improving on Performance and Design

It is our duty and responsibility at PNE to continue building good innovations on our product range


Fixed-axle electric controlled transmission, full power gear shifting. With KD (kick-down) function, the gear shifting is smooth and it reduces driver fatigue and improves work efficiency. High contact ratio gear design, smooth load transfer, low noise and high durability. 4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, electric control, meeting the requirements for various work conditions. Manual and fully automatic gear shifting mode provides a more comfortable and convenient driving operation. Oil filter bypass alert Gear shifting protection Auxiliary emergency steering pump connector Electronic diagnostic tools (CSG EDT) with data logging diagnosis and inspection function.

Motor Grader

Unique proportional priority and pressure compensation valve Load sensing and pressure compensation Power and flow distribution according to need and achieve synchronous operation Built-in lock-up valve reduces leakage at pipe connections and reduces trouble.

Whats New?

Product Innovations

  • Fixed Axle

  • Drive Axle

  • Motor Grader

  • Road Roller

Road Roller

nternal cavity structure, amplitude is achieved through the change of ball position; fully sealed steel ball enables smooth amplitude and reduces the impact, which ensures the stability and reliability of the whole system, and eliminates lubricant pollution and bearing wear caused by scrap iron generated as the eccentric block in the conventional vibration systems..