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Our services.

Only the best service that we provide to you.

We pursue the satisfaction of the customer! The effective service in time is the safeguard of the user and market.


We dont just sell, we make efforts to go the extra mile. Customer satisfaction is what we pursue, and efficient and timely service is the guarantee for customers and markets.

Trouble Shooting

We offer the best trouble-shooting platforms and experts on the go. Please contact us when there are troubles, and we will help you solve them as quickly as we are notified of it


From machineries to client projects, we offer in-dept consultations at no extra cost to our numerous clients. Please contact us online when failure occurs or when you need insights on a project and we will help you solve it


As part of our responsibility to Improve service quality, and manufacture the best road construction machinery products, we are open to regular surveys on each of our products, researches and the services to give a better customer experience

Spare Parts

Equipped with the largest range of spare parts in our service centers all over the world. Our parts center is a specialized organization for the parts supply, storage, and sales of construction machinery parts.

Inventory Data

The Parts Center has set up a part warehouse at the headquarters which has an inventory of over 20 million parts. We can provide timely parts supply by means of shipment, express railway, truck, and service vehicle.