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Research and Development

Specialty, precision, and powerful

The technical R&D system has been improving continuously and the R&D ability also gets improved since the establishment of the company. The technical R&D work has achieved remarkable achievements according to the concept of"marketization of technical development". Each year the company will conduct over 20 new product development projects, almost 100 items of technical improvement, and more than 10 items of new patent application, which greatly promotes the enterprise’s development, forming an active and vigorous research team and system.

According to the requirements of "Specialty, precision, and powerful"for the product manufacturing, put forward by PNE Equipments Limited, based on its technical center, the company constantly improves the technical research and development work to build efficient R&D system. The company has set up the technological center which is made up of 5 research institutes respectively on motor grader, road machinery, road maintenance machinery, mixing machinery, and electro-hydraulic control devices, as well as three departments like technology management department, process department, and technical reform department. In addition, there are 5 technical groups such as grader plant, maintenance machinery plant, parts plant, material plant and coating plant, which form the basic technical organizations and systems of the company.