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Company profile.

A leading brand of quality machines and components.

The PNE brand of compact, small and mid-sized wheel loaders, 18- to 22-ton soil compactors, mid-sized motor graders, track-type tractors, and landfill compactors are targeted at utility customers for Asian domestic and select growth markets around the world. PNE products meet or exceed regional industry requirements for quality and reliability and target customers who emphasize initial acquisition cost over long-term total cost of ownership.

In Asia, the machines are sold through a network of 60 PNE dealers, owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. In markets outside of Asia, the products are sold exclusively through a Cat dealer principal owned PNE channel that is separated from the Cat dealership with independent locations and identity. Key export markets for PNE machines include Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, CIS, India, and the Middle East.

By leveraging PNE Brand product development processes and legacy technology, PNE Equipment Limitedis providing quality ready-to-run PNE products offering initial affordability, high reliability, simplicity of use and maintenance, and responsive support to help customers build a strong foundation for future success.

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  • Wheel Loader

  • Motor Grader

  • Track Tractor

  • Soil Compactor